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Welcome to my world

Welcome to my little place on the web. Included here you will find the important things in my life right now. The picture was taken at the National Battle Field in cettysburg, Pa. Brooke is 12 and on the left, that's me in the middle and Raine who is now 9 is standing on the right. I am just beginning to update this page and will be adding lots of new pictures and feautres. It has been a long time since I first created this page. so many things have changed and I've added many great new things to my life. Quilting has become my passion. I will be sharing some pictures of some of my quilted creations. currebtly, there is a page devoted to my girls, and they also have a page all on their own. You will see some of their favorite things there. There is also a page with information about the beast that has changed my life, Fibromayalgia. You can learn about and find information on how to subscribe to my Recipes 'N More newsletter. The page will soon offer some links to join in one or more of the lists that I have created. I have lists that focus on living with fibromyalgia and a new list I just recently created which focuses on quilting and all that goes with it. While you are surfing around My Little Place on the Web, be sure to sign my guest book. Hope you enjoy your surf! *********Under construction July, 2000. I am just starting to update all my pages. i will be updating the whole site and adding new pictures. if you would like to be notified when all the changes are done, please request that when you sign our guestbook.

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