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Brooke's very own page.

I am Brooke and I am 9 years old. I will be 10 in September. I just finished 4th grade. Some of the things I like are ocean things(mostly whales and dolphin), reading, and working on the computer. I started playing the clarinet last September. My instructor sayd that I am one of the best clarinet players in the fourth grade. I live with my Mom and my sister, Raine. We also have a cat, and his name is Tye. My mom is going to be painting and redecorating my room soon. when it is finished I will probably set up a tropical fish aquarium. Hopefully Tye won't want any snacks. We got everything we need to finish my room, we just need to find the time. I am going to hang stuffed fish from the ceiling and mom might paint clouds on it too.


I like school. Here is my school picture from this year. I am in the LEAP program, which is a special class for gifted students. This year we studied Egypt and Law. We made an Egyptian museum. We dressed in Egyptian garb and we were tour guides for our parents. In the museum there was a mummy, heiroglyphics, and pyramids. We also had a mock trial. The trial was to settle the crime that the "Big Bad Wolf" had committed. It was alleged that he murdered 2 pigs, and preformed malicious destruction on the pig's houses. He was found guilty of murdering the pigs, but the malicious destruction charge was dropped due to lack of evidence. I have been on the school honor roll each quarter in the last year. I get mostly "A's" and occassionally a "B".

My Beanies

I love to collect Ty Beanie Babies, as well as Beanie buddies. Here is a picture that was taken a couple of months ago, I have gotten a lot more beanies since then. My favorite Beanies are: Luke the labador puppy, Blizzard the white tiger, and Stripes the tiger. I just recently started collectting Beanie buddies, so far I have bubbles the fish and Jake the mallard duck.