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Raine's very own page

I am 6 1/2 years old. I will be in first grade in the fall. I love the colors purple and pink. I also love cats and kittens, Noah's Ark, and Beanie Babies. I like to help mommy with planting flowers and vegetables. I have my own flower bed too. I keep the plants watered and the beds weeded. My favorite flower is a Bleeding Heart. I have a white one and a pink one.

How I got my name.

Mommy picked out my name when I was still in her belly. I don't really like my name but everyone else does. When I was little mommy made me a cross stich of Noah's ark. For the borders mommy put "And Then there was Raine...." She also put my birthday on it. Which is January 21st.

My Beanie Babies

I love to collect Beanie Babies. This is a picture of me in my room with some of my Beanies. I have a lot more though. I also just started collecting Beanie Buddies. So far the buddies I have are Quackers the duck, Squealer the pig, Pinky the flamingo, and Chip the cat. Some of my favorite Beanie Babies include: all of the cats(Chip, Flip, Nip, Silver, Amber, etc), I also really like Twigs the giraffe, Happy the hippo, and all the bears, but I think Spangle is the prettiest. Mommy gave me Princess the bear and Erin the bear, to remind me of Nanny. I had wanted them for a long time. Nanny and I used to go on "Beanie Hunts." While mommy was at school or work and while Brooke was in school, Nanny would call around and find out where the new beanies were. Then we would jump in the car and off we went. Nanny and I had a really fun time Beanie hunting. We even got Stretch the ostrich before mommy did. But Nanny gave it to her.

Our Christmas in Florida

For christmas last year we went to Florida. We went to the Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Sea World and Universal Studios. I didn't like Universal Studios at all. My favorite park was the MGM studio. I liked the 3D Muppet Theatre, and we went in to see the show 3 times. There were bubbles flying around in the theatre, and it looked like things were going to hit you I also liked the Honey, I shrunk the Kids playground. At the Magic Kingdom I really liked It's a Small World and meeting Minnie at her house. She had an answering machine in her house and there were messages from Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey. The thing I liked at all of the parks were the Mickey Mouse ice cream pops. They were SOOOO GOOOD!! We ate at least 4 a day!