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Welcome To My Lamers Page!
Here is my list of Lamers, to get on this list you must piss me off greatly or you must be an Extreme fag (In the case of Exit and iilherby from Whos Got The Punk). Well for sure they are the number 1 Lamers! Good Job Exit and iilherby!!! Now lets take a look at the list.

Lamer/s: Fags From Who's Got The Punk

Lamer Rating: 10!   Also Siskel and Ebert Give It Two Thumbs Up!

AIM/AOL: whosgot thepunk - Exit   iilherby - Herby
If Anyone Can Find Out Why These Kids Are Lamers Please E-Mail Me

Reason: Well for one thing, they are jealous pieces of SHIT, that cant take that Punk-O-Rama, Mad Mp3s and I get many more hits than them and that I lead on the Topsites. Hey fagets I dont spam. Hope you increase your hits past 100! :)

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