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Welcome to Punk Rawk. This is the disclaimer. Thats right, the disclaimer! Protect your families. You now entered the world of Punk Rawk! The Mp3s on my page contains music which is copyrighted and totally illegal!!! Whatever Mp3s you download, you must get rid of within 24 hours, if not I take no responsibility for your actions. If you like the song or group, then go buy the CD! So if it sounds dangerous, Just Dont download them!
Site Updates
8/19/99 - Big updates today. I made a non-frames page. The reason was for Netscape viewers, cause Netscape couldn't view the kind of frames I had. The thing that really sucked is that Netscape viewers still cant view my new page, so now its just a mirror page. Frames and No Frames to choose from.
Sorry, I will be gone this week-end but ill try to update my page over my cousins house. When I come back, I will get back to uploadin Mp3s.

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