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Welcome to Full Albums section. The Mp3s on this page contains music which is copyrighted and totally illegal!!! I uploaded all my Mp3s myself! Whatever Mp3s you download, you must get rid of within 24 hours, if not I take no responsibility for your actions. If you like the song or group, then go buy the CD! So if it sounds dangerous, Just Dont download them!

Jughead's Revenge

Image Is Everything

1. Parliment Of Whores

2. Tearing Down The World

3. Image Is Everything

4. Pain

5. Forever

6. For Once In My Life

7. The People's Pal

8. Enviromental Scam

9. Your Only Dreaming

10. I Remember

11. Neuvocation

12. Hellvis

13. Inside Of You

14. One For The Bouncers

15. <Skag Up My Ass

16. <Play With Fire

The Vandals

The Quickening

1. Stop Smiling

2. It's A Fact

3. Marry Me

4. Allah

5. Tastes Like Chicken

6. ...But Then She Spoke

7. How Did This Loser Get This Job?

8. Hungry For You

9. Failure Is The Best Revenge

10. Aging Orange

11. Canine Euthenaisa

12. Moving Up

13. I'll Make You Love Me

14. Choosing Your Masters

15. I Believe


Self Titled

1. No, Man My Hands Are Dirty
2. 5
3. Butter
4. Slip
5. Suck
6. Wrapped
7. Perfect
8. Sponge
9. Fired
10. Worn
11. Burnt
12. Better Luck Next Time

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