Potato Endorsements

It's an election year, and the candidates are all on the campaign trail trying to win your vote. They'll tell you stuff about abortion and health care and taxes and other such governmental hoo-ha.

But where do they stand on issues that really matter?

We here at The Potato God Worship Center have done some research, and come to a startling conclusion: All six major candidates in this year's Presidential race endorse The Potato!

Don't believe us? Well, through the magic of Adobe Photoshop, we have brought you images that clearly show Presidential candidates giving endorsements to The Potato. And as we all know, there's nothing more convincing than a doctored photo.

Update: Well, McCain and Bradley have dropped out of the race. But that in no way diminshes their enthusiasm for The Potato.

Click on the links below to see what your favorites have to say about Our Starch-Based Savior:

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