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      America was first introduced in 1983. Designed by David Walsh of Pfaltzgraff .
 The line was designed in cooperation with the Museum of American Folk Art.
The design was inspired after the American needlework quilt top 
**Bird of Paradise Quilt **
Blues and Browns on a glaze of golden color . Stencils and sponge ware
reminds one of early American yelloware pottery.
Pfaltzgraff discontinued the line in 1989 .
The America Collection is one of most collectible patterns by Pfaltzgraff .
Love to hear from other collectors email me at
for your input on what information you would like see here.


The Pfaltzgraff America Collectors Club -PACC
Has a quarterly newsletter filled with info :
History, member profiles, For sale , recipes , news from other collectors !!!!!
you may contact contact Teresa Streacker at: 
to find out more about it  or visit the on line version at


Product list of items made in AMERICA by Pfaltzgraff

001- cup                                                                        
003-salad plate                                                              
004-luncheon plate
007-steak/fish plate
008- fruit bowl
009- cereal bowl
010- 7" small serving bowl
011-vegetable bowl
012-rimmed soup bowl
016-platter 14"
021-sugar bowl
025- salt & pepper
039-snack tray
046-corn dish
048-dripings jar
054-super plate
056-spice shaker
065-butter tub
070-bean pot
084-tea bag holder
086-napkin holder
090-mini plate
094-"You are Special today" dinner plate
095- welcome plaque
100-scoop set
105-4pcs measuring set
120-tier tray
160-soup tureen
180-chip & dip
195-dessert compote
202/203- Smucker's jam pot
215-simmering pot
229-toby mug
235-loaf pan
236-rectangular baker
237-square baker
241-oval baker
255-single entree
262-15oz mug
266-mustard dispenser
267-ketchup dispenser
270-au gratin
280-souper mug
290-pedestal mug
305-indivdual casserole
315-2qt casserole
347-small casserole
348-cover ,small casserole
349-firestarter crock
350-2 1/2" x 3 1/2" picture frame
351-3 1/2"x 5" picture frame
352- 5x7 picture frame
354- tape dispenser
pencil tray
361/362- oval covered box
401-dinner plate tree
402-dinner plate basket
403-dinner plate vase
404-dinner plate star
406-1qt soufflé
410- sauce side dish
411-scubbie holder
412- dessert plate 6"
418-collectors mug
419-mini frame
425 cookie mold set -bird, tree, vase ,rooster
431-cranberry mold ,TELEFLORA
436- gravy boat
446- 1qt pitcher
454-1qt mixing bowl
456-2qt mixing bowl
458-3qt mixing bowl
464- batter bowl
480-honey pot 
482-garlic keeper
500-utensil crock
505-short crock
506-large canister
507-med large canister
508-med small canister
509-small canister
519- mini jug 
523-mini crock
524-mini jar
528-bread tray
529-cake plate
540-cookie jar
546-12" charger dog
547-12"charger rooster
548-12" charger ostrich
549-12" charger partridge
550-12"  charger elephant
551-12" charger peacock
Black Beauty 
560-salt box
563-candle holder
576- pie plate
577- custard cup
581-dog mug
582-rooster mug
583-ostrich mug
584-partridge mug
598- mug "you are special today"
601- oval candy dish
612- ash tray
615- owl trivet
616- basket fruit trivet 
617-bride trivet

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