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Celebrity Autographs


Last Update:  November 12, 1999


        I'm writing this page for people who enjoy the exciting hobby of collecting celebrity autographs by mail.  I have three methods that I use to obtain the signatures of my favorite celebrities.   The first is by mail.   This way is the easiest and least expensive, but it is often unreliable.   You have to contend with determining if the autograph sent to you if authentic,auto-penned, or pre-printed.  Also, while most celebrities will respond if sent a nice fan letter and request, some will not.  The second method I use is I buy them from a respectable autograph dealer.  I will only do this if I was unhappy with what I received through the mail or can't find an address for a particular star.  This method is much more expensive as most dealers sell autographs starting around $50 or more. The last method I use is to go to a convention or show and meet the star in person. This method is the only reliable way as the celebrity signs right in front of you. So go and check out the rest of the site and enjoy!!

What to send!

        The most important aspect of collecting autographs by mail is the SASE.  I use a standard 8 X 10 manila envelope with two 33 cent stamps attached to it.  Put this envelope along with the request letter in an 9 X 11 envelope.  This envelope will require 55 cents, if mailed in the United States.   It would also be wise to include an index card for the star to sign in case they don't have a photo available.  The second most important aspect is the request letter.  It should be short and to the point.  I would not recommend more than a full page.  First, tell the celebrity what you like about them.  Talk about movies, sitcoms, or other work that they have participated in.  Then, in the second paragraph, politely request an autographed photo.   This method has been proven to be successful by many people.  Good luck!!

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