Try these no-cholesterol Passover recipes (or no-cholesterol Pesach recipes). Cholesterol-free Passover recipes can be a challenge to create: it usually involves substituting normally cholesterol-rich ingredients with cholesterol-free versions of the ingredients. Another method is to select ingredients for no-cholesterol Passover recipes that are cholesterol-free from the start. In any case, the following no-cholesterol Pesach recipes - both traditional and non-traditional - abide by the Kosher for Passover dietary laws.

Apple Crisp (No-Cholesterol)
Artichokes (Italian Style) (No-Cholesterol)
Brownies (No-Cholesterol)
Kugel : Vegetable Kugel (No-Cholesterol)
Matza : Chocolate Covered Matza (No-Cholesterol)
Oatmeal Cookies ("Look-alike") (No-Cholesterol)
Spinach Soufflé (French-Style) (No-Cholesterol)
Tsimmes or Tzimmes (Harvest Vegetable) (No-Cholesterol)
Vegetable Broth (No-Cholesterol) and Matzoh Balls (No-Cholesterol)

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