Fat-free Passover recipes?! Now you know for sure there is a G-d. Yes, it's possible if one takes care to select the correct ingredients. Fat Free Passover recipes don't have to taste bad unless you're a masochist and love bad-tasting fat free Passover recipes. Other than this possibility, you can make great-tasting and healthy recipes for Pesach / Passover that not only abide by the dietary laws of kashrut or kosher laws for the Pesach / Passover festival, but can be created and eaten year-round.

The following fat-free Pesach / Passover recipes are an assortment of traditional Pesach / Passover recipes that have been adapted to be fat-free as well as non-traditional Pesach / Passover recipes that have also been adapted to be fat-free for the Pesach / Passover festival. Enjoy!

Cherry Salad : Cherry-Tangerine Salad
Chicken Broth (Fat-Free)
Ethiopian Stew ("Wat")
Fruit Salad with Greens and Balsamic Dressing
Lemon-Blueberry Sorbet
Matzo Balls (Fat-Free)
Oranges in Syrup
Pineapple Sorbet

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