Easy Passover recipes - that is, Passover recipes that don't require using a lot of ingredients and instructions to create them - or are outlined in easy-to-understand steps - can be found on this page. Of course, "a lot" means different things to different people, but the assorted Passover recipes below are not complicated to make, at least from my point-of-view.

All of the following easy Passover recipes (or easy Pesach recipes) have been adapted to be compliant with the Kosher for Passover dietary laws for the Passover / Pesach festival.

Apple Cake
Apple Pudding : Apple-Plum Pudding
Chicken Curry - Sephardic-Style
Fruit Kugel
Gefilte Fish (Baked)
Meat Pie - Egyptian Maiena (Mayena)
Poached Salmon
Salad with Fruit, Vegetables, and Nuts
Salmon with Broccoli

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