Try this vegan charoset recipe (also spelled: vegan haroset, vegan haroseth, or vegan charoseth) for the Passover / Pesach festival. Vegan recipes are characterized by containing no ingredients that are derived from animals or animal by-products, including poultry and fish. The following vegan charoset recipe is also good for your health and has been used on Kibbutz farms and settlements in Israel. A Kibbutz (Kibbutz means "gathering" or "together" in Hebrew) is essentially an Israeli collective community (farm or settlement) in the Socialist/Zionist-style, that is owned by its members. In other words, members have no private property but share the work and the profits of some collective enterprise, typically agricultural but sometimes also industrial. In a Kibbutz, people share responsibilities and work, and children are raised collectively. Originally farming communities, Kibbutzim (plural form of kibbutz in Hebrew) are increasingly becoming industrialized.

The following vegan charoset recipe in the kibbutz-style instructs the recipe-maker to leave a crunchy texture over, perhaps to symbolize the hardships experienced by the original kibbutz settlers in settling and building the kibbutz movement in Israel, which was founded in 1909 with the first kibbutz. This kibbutz was named Kibbutz Degania, after the cereals which the settlers grew there, and it was located at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee.

Vegan Charoset Recipe (Kibbutz-style)

1/2 cup walnuts
3 medium apples (such as Red Delicious) cored and peeled and quartered
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup grape juice or sweet red wine

Instructions for the Vegan Charoset recipe:

  1. Put all ingredients in food processor.
  2. Process in pulses to desired consistency, leaving some crunchy texture in mixture.

Makes 3 cups of vegan charoset.

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