Note: To view and play this Passover Word Jumble Puzzle, you must have a Java-enabled browser. If you don't have a Java-enabled browser, then just click here to download and install the Java software for your desktop. A smaller browser window will open. It is 100% free to download. After clicking on the aforementioned link and getting the pop-up window to the Java website, look for the green box in the Java website in the upper right-hand corner of the web page. Click "Free Download" in the green box to download the Java software, then after you have installed the Java software, click off the pop-up window and start playing this Passover Word Jumble Puzzle on our website!

Jumble: A Word Scrambling Puzzle

The following Passover Word Jumble Puzzle is a game that randomly scrambles the letters of phrases. See if you can guess the original phrase. Click in the applet to solve; and once solved, click again for a new jumble.

Again, you can time yourself to see how long it takes you to solve this Passover word/phrase puzzle! See if you can beat your own time!

Guess The Passover Seder Word or Phrase!

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