Note: To view and play this Passover Slide Puzzle game, you must have a Java-enabled browser. If you don't have a Java-enabled browser, then just click here to download and install the Java software for your desktop. A smaller browser window will open. It is 100% free to download. After clicking on the aforementioned link and getting the pop-up window to the Java website, look for the green box in the Java website in the upper right-hand corner of the web page. Click "Free Download" in the green box to download the Java software, then after you have installed the Java software, click off the pop-up window and start playing this Passover Slide Puzzle on our website!

The OmniSlide Slide Puzzle below is a variation on the traditional slide puzzle. Rather than you moving a puzzle piece into an empty space as in traditional slide puzzles, there is no empty space in the OmniSlide slide puzzle. Instead, the puzzle pieces wrap around when the entire row or column is moved.

Here's a Passover Painting Slide Puzzle. Check your watch and see if you can beat your own time at putting it back together! Click "Puzzle" then select from the drop-down menu the number of puzzle pieces, and then drag the mouse to flip adjacent pieces. Best of luck!

Slide Puzzle Courtesy Of: Donald Sapello:

This is what the Passover painting image should look like:

Passover Painting By Baruch Nachshon

Passover Painting By Baruch Nachshon.

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