Try your Passover Seder luck / Pesach Seder luck with this Passover Seder / Pesach Seder word definitions quiz!

Instructions: For each definition supply the term in the box provided. Your reply is monitored by the "Answer Ghost."

  • If the Answer Ghost does not like what you have filled in, he will erase it. (The Answer Ghost does care about capital letters.)
  • If you get stuck, you can click in an "Uncle Box," and the answer will appear briefly.
    However, you might feel somewhat embarrassed at having had to "cry uncle."
  • If you use the "Uncle Box" too much, the Answer Ghost will turn the page yellow and call you a "cry baby" in the comment box at the end.
    You might, however, experience feelings of shame and inadequacy.
  • If you succeed in filling in all the boxes without being called a cry baby, the background color will change to show that the Answer Ghost is tickled pink. He will even say so in the comment box.
    Naturally, you will experience pride and joy.
  • Once the Answer Ghost brands you a cry baby, he will never be tickled pink with you unless you hit "Reset" and start again.
  • The results are instantaneous and are reported to nobody but you.

1. Charoset symbolizes this building material.

2. Marror is symbolized by this food.

3. Beitzah symbolizes the first Passover lamb sacrifice, the destruction of the Second Temple, and the renewal of Springtime. What is Beitzah?

4. Zeroah symbolizes the Passover lamb sacrifice. What is Zeroah?

5. Karpas symbolizes the coming of the Spring Season, and Karpas dipped in salt water or vinegar symbolizes the tears and sweat experienced by the Hebrews as they toiled as slaves in ancient Egypt. What food is represented by Karpas?

6. This is used as part of the Four Cups rituals. It is called Yayin in Hebrew. What is Yayin?

7. Created in haste by the Hebrews the evening before they left ancient Egypt.

8. Mei Melach symbolizes the tears shed by the Hebrews as slaves in ancient and it also symbolizes the "Sea of Reeds" or the "Red Sea" which the Hebrews passed through as they were fleeing the Egyptian army. What is Mei Melach?

9. Placed on the Passover Seder table to symbolize the arrival of the forerunner to the Messiah.

10. Given to each Passover Seder participant as part of the "Sanctification" blessing ritual.

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