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Tupac Amuru Shakur

-Gone But Not Forgotten-


Let's have a moment of silence for the man of the millenium "Tupac Amuru Shakur." 2pac was gunned down on the very tragic night of September, 7,1996.He was in the hostpital for 6 days fighting desperately for his life until around 4:03a.m. on Sept.13,when he passed away in the Las Vegas Hostpital.

He will live on in our hearts,and in our memories as the greatest rapper who ever stepped foot on the face of the earth.May he rest in peace in da Gangsta's Paradise,for there is no other place for such a man to rest.We love u Tupac and u will be Dearly missed.

-phatter rapper-




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this page was brought to you by Joe was made for a rememberance to 2pac.anyone caught stealing pics,is thought as vandalizing historical monuments,and will be punished to the fullest extent of "My Law".those who are down with 2pac,keep it real,and peace out!!!!

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