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Basic Orgy info

jay gordon: vocals

amir derakh: g-synth

ryan shuck: guitar

paige haley: bass

bobby hewitt: v drums

So Much Better Than Before: The Orgy Story

The Orgy story is simple enough really, it all began when one day, Jay Gordon (vocals) decided that he and friend Ryan Shuck (guitar) should form a band. According to an interview with MTV, Jay says that when they phoned synth-wizard Amir Derakh, he was told that he "wouldnt play guitar". Most of the entire band (which also consists of Bobby Hewitt on drums and Paige Haley on bass) has a history before Orgy, Jay once playing with a band called Lit (and seemingly has some hard feelings. "I think they are known now.. after the former singer sold the name"), and Amir in another 80's metal act. Jay recalls of his early days "I wore more makeup than my mother".

Collectivly known as Orgy now, the band refused the usual club circut, instead choosing to crank it up in a garage. It wasnt long bfore their distinct sound was drawing attention. Their music is infact rather hard to classify, and when Jay once tried, he came up with "Duran Duran on crack". Orgy uses distinct synth guitar sounds, blending in with an already loud guitar base, "poppy" drums, and Gordons haunting vocals, which carry many songs into rock Hell. With such diverse influences as Bauhaus, Ratt, Duran Duran and David Bowie, as well as a lot of industrial and drum 'n bass music, their sound is in sorts a musical orgy.

This sound drew attention from friend Jonathan Davis, KoRn's frontman. "It was all pretty simple," explains Jay in Circus magazine. "I knew Ryan who played with Jon in a band, and he introduced us. We started talking and found out a lot of our musical influences were the same. We talked about Bowie, Sisters of Mercy, Duran Duran, all that and somehow we sat down and wrote some songs together. It's not a big secret and there isn't any scandal involved. It's just when musicians meet, they talk about music. What else?"

Following the meeting with Davis, Orgy found they were opening for the Family Values Tour, with the likes of KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Rammstein, Ice Cube and Incubus. At the same time, they became the first band to be signed to KoRn's elementree lable, and work on their album Candyass began. With its release and the single for "Blue Monday" which is a cover of the original version by New Order, Orgy have found themselves in the middle of a tidal wave of success. After Family Values, they toured with Love and Rockets (an exciting oppurtunity for them since most members are fans of Bauhaus) and the upcoming Campus Invasion tour with Sugar Ray is soon to come. They have appeared since in numerous magazines, their video for "Blue Monday" is Buzzworthy on MTV, where they seem to be regulars (appearing not only on the Invasion tour, but also on Loveline, Total Request Live and Rock and Jock Bowling).

The band knows they've hit it big in a realitivly short period of time, and they are greatful but also want to push the envelope and move forward in their musical endevors as well.

"Dont waste your fucking time: live, let go," says Gordon about the meaning behind their music. "Do what you must do, its our motto." And thats exactly what they are doing.

Official Orgy Biography

"We never know how people are going to react to our band," says Orgy's vocalist Jay Gordon. "But they always react." "Yeah," says guitarist Ryan Shuck. "Everyone has an opinion on us." Including the members of Cali legends Korn, who made Orgy the first signing to Elementree Records, their new Reprise-distributed record label. "It's something fresh and new - that's what turns me on," says Korn singer Jonathan Davis. "I think they'll appeal to a lot of kids, a lot of different people. They're fashionable pretty-dudes, so all the chicks will dig 'em. And they're real heavy, so hopefully a lot of our friends will like them, too."

Orgy didn't really form as much as just happen. The five guys all knew each other from hanging around So Cal and playing in various bands.

"Ryan and I conceptualized Orgy only about six months before we were signed," says Jay. "We started writing songs together as soon as we hooked up. It started off in a garage, with Josh our co-producer. We just started throwing some rough shit together, and the next thing you know weíre recording an album and making plans to tour with Korn!" "We didnít want to go out and play the club circuit and get burned out," adds Ryan. "Playing clubs over and over for our friends. That would be pointless. We just went in and recorded who and what we are."

"We didnít want to let the cat out of the bag too early," offers bassist Paige Haley. By choosing to record right away, the band captured the early energy that brought them together in the first place, trusting their instincts and believing if you mess with things too much, you can lose that creative spark that makes it so right initially. That creative spark soon grew into an inferno - a spectacular debut album called Candyass. When queried on the meaning of its dozen songs produced by Orgy and Josh Abraham, the band deflects any serious implications. "It's pretty much just all bullshit," laughs Jay. "We conjured up a bunch of lies and fairy tales." Nevertheless, he doesn't deny that atmosphere played a role in the process, "We recorded on a snow-capped mountain in Tahoe, in a huge cabin. It was along the lines of 'The Shining.' Cabin-fever set in after about 15 minutes, right after the truck left back for Los Angeles."

"It's a raw record," declares Ryan. "It's all five-in-the-morning, pissed-off, fighting-with-each-other, kill-each-other kinda stuff. There's an innovative, futuristic feel to the music. Yeah, it's pretty cool."

Paige contributes, "It's kind of like death pop." "Our songs are all just slightly deranged, but I can definitely hear them on the radio," adds Ryan, who co-wrote Korn's "Blind" with Davis. "Don't look for any more meaning than that."

"Anything you can imagine is what we use to make a record," says guitar synth wizard Amir Derakh. "From old-school to state-of-the-art and everything in between."

As for the name Orgy, don't jump to the conclusion that there's only one meaning to that word. "Believe it or not, it's not a sexually-based name," says Jay. "It's a musical reference, y'know? We play a collage of sounds, you could say. But it's still hard to tell the lady at the bakery that you're in a band called Orgy and keep a straight face." "We do have a sound that's really a mixture of a great many sounds," adds Amir. "The good thing about the name is that it sticks in your head."