The Cyber Hellfire Club

The Cyber Hellfire Club is an online community of comic fans who have met through AOL's Comic Book Message Boards, said message board being Marvel Comics. Anyone who posts on the Marvel boards at AOL is considered a member, but within the club, much like the comic book counterparts, is an Inner Circle. Three courts consist of the Inner Circle, the traditional White and Black that became popular in the infamous "Dark Phoenix Saga" in the X-Men books, and also the Red Court, which has it's origins in Excalibur before it's tragic cancellation. The Red and Black courts were founding members, with the White Court shortly following. Each court has seven positions,named after the pieces on a chess board (with one adition, the Jester) I have the priviledge of being the White King.
In all actuallity, the titles mean jack. If anything, they get mentioned in our signature's because they look cool, but still, it seems to give the queens a feeling of power. The official site is maintained by the Red King and can be reached here.

Other Member's links

  • The Black King's Page - Ben's Poetry Corner
    - a collection of poetry by Ben and others.

  • The Black Queen's Page- Kat, Black Queen of the Cyber Hellfire Club
    -other than Ian, Kat's page is the only one that is truly gung-ho all about the CHC. But we love her none the less

  • The White Queen's Page- Coda's Corner
    -the White Queen to my White King, Coda's page is full of fan fics. Make sure to ask about DeNial Tours!

  • The White Bishop's Page- Matt's Clubhouse
    -Matt has a new page, which has just begun. Sure to be plenty of new stuff to come soon.

  • The Black Rook's Page- Circle of Dreams:Kabuki .
    - the name speaks for it. A page devoted to the comic, Kabuki. A beautifully done site.

  • ...ummm....Max's site- Max's Place
    While not in the Inner Circle, Max still has made numerous contibutions to the message boards, and I respect his opinions. So,his site gets my recomendation.

  • The Red King's Page- The Cyber Hellfire Club Homepage
    -as stated above, this is the page of the CHC, although Ian considers all of our sites an extension of his. We are all the CHC. (wow....if people think this a cult, it's not my fault!)

    Let me know what you think!
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