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More links will be added as they are made known.

I love this pic
Star Wars-The Official Home Page
I know everyone knows where this site is, and how to get to it, but what kind of fan would I be if I didn't include it in my list? (besides, it gave me an excuse to use this sweet gif!)

The View Askew-niverse
Kevin Smith- A man and his "dick-and-fart-joke" movies. This is his production company's offical site.

News Askew
News Askew is now an OFFICIAL site of View Askew Productions. Things were going bad with their server, so Kevin took them in under his wing. So now, everything on this site comes with Kevin's approval, no exceptions!

The Comics and Anime Message Boards
THIS is the first thing I do when I sign online. The folders on the Marvel Comic board is where I spend a lot of my time (though lately, I've been hanging out on the DC Boards too) Unfortunately, you have to be on AOL to get to them. If you can, stop by Ace's Place and PSharman's British Jokes.

The author of TRANSMETROPLITAN and PLANETARY uses his homepage as a little soapbox for his rants (which he disguises as essays). A brilliant writer.

Comic Book Resources Online. Lots of great commentray, including a weekly column by Warren Ellis, "Come In Alone."

The Daily Buzz
My daily source for comics and sci-fi related news.


Great online site with lots of guilty pleasure games to play. Plus check out the Toonami site!

The Complete Rage Against the Machine Website
Chock full of all kinds of good propganda! Go read some, it'll learn ya good!

The Bloodhound Gang Online

I've just been turned-on to their music. Think They Might Be Giants, Beastie Boys, Lit, and The Foo Fighters having bastard kids. This would be them (AND they're from around Philly too!)

Visit The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Official Web Site
The Offical Buffy the Vampire Slayer Site

Stars and Starlettes

You know where you can stick it
George Carlin's Official Site

This man is a comedy god. If I were a famous comedian, he'd be my sole inspiration. For those of you who are faint of heart, are religous, and don't like "bad words".........please visit this site.

The Simpsons Global Fanfest

The now official onlien site for The Simpsons. Play Bart Bowl! Shop at the Simpsons store!

The Simpsosn Archive

A huge archive featuring episode guides, synopsis, and otherfeatures.

The Simpsons Trvia Castle

Click on the link above to get to the Simpsons Trivia Castle. I'll warn you, as a die-hard Simpsons fan, even I found these quizzes tough

Who-sa, are you-sa?
The Jar-Jargonizer
Jar Jar Binks: Love him or hate him. I happen to love the goofy bastard. For those of you who feel the same, here's your chance to view the web as Jar Jar might. It takes any webpage or any phrase you type in and fixes it so that it sounds how Jar Jar might say it. Go nuts! Put my page in. It's pretty funny!

The Internet Movie Database

A vast resource of information for movies. Period. Your first and last stop for ANY cinema queries.

Wisdom's Web

A great fansite for an unfortunately obscure character in the Marvel Universe, Pete Wisdom (thank you Warren Ellis yet again!) Currently he can be found monthly in X-Force!!

If you know of any good sites that I might enjoy, please mail me here to let me know.

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