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  1. Create a directory for TagPro.
  2. Make sure that the first lines in admin.cgi and tag.cgi match your path to Perl.
  3. Upload the following files to the same directory (using ASCII mode): admin.cgi, tag.cgi, tags.dat, vars.dat, board.html, and tagboard.shtml.
  4. If you are using a UNIX server, CHMOD admin.cgi and tag.cgi to 755. CHMOD tags.dat and vars.dat to 660.
  5. Open tagboard.shtml (the one on your server) in your browser. You should see a simple empty tag board, including the form. Enter your name, URL, and a message then hit Tag to test the tag board. It should show you a success message, and then redirect you to the tagboard so you can see your post. If it doesn't work, start again at Step 1 (and make sure your server supports server side includes).
  6. Now, open admin.cgi (on your server) in your browser. You should see a simple installation screen. Create your admin name and password, double check that your data files aren't visible, and click Install. This will take you to the main menu, where you can modify the tag board variables, delete the tag you just posted, etc.

Updating TagPro

If you are updating to a newer version of TagPro, you only need to upload admin.cgi and tag.cgi. Do not overwrite the .dat files or you will reset your tag board.

Additional Information

Go to for more information.

User Agreement

Be sure to read license.txt. By running the program you agree to the license.

Copyright 2001 Dan Lewis