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|||I DO|||

VERSE ONE He was a 6 foot (stallion?) with the story of a thug He was the kind that made you wonder how he put down the love He had a hickey in his pocket wit that rock in his ear He made my heart stop stop pulsating everytime he came near He has a spankin' new Range for that tight wardrobe His pants was saggin' he was plaided, and his head was cornrows He has his wrists bling blinging and his long legs was bow He tried to push up on me but I knew he had me at go

CHORUS I Do, I wonder if you feel the same way I do I can see it in your eyes, I entice you So come on shorty if you think you can roll wit an iced out playa ballin' out of control (repeat)

VERSE TWO Me and my crew started groovin', made our way to the floor I start to activate my pad and give this hottie a show I shook my hips, took a dip, roll my tongue 'cross my lips And when he took his place to dance wit me I felt fingertips On the small of my back, so i had to react Like I was playin' hard to get and told that boy to step back But when I looked deep in his eyes all i could see was his soul I'm 'bout to make this guy my man ...that i can tell you, fa 'sho


VERSE THREE Watch me drop, drop, shake it for the fellahs who know Watch me pop, pop my ass as I dip and roll Watch me stop, stop traffic as I walk through the room Knowin' all the papis want me but all I want is you (repeat)