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I have take the biography on Toya Online

There's a new, powerful sound emerging from the soul of St. Louis, and Arista recording artist, TOYA is showing the world just how real it is. Fromher pre-school days leading her church choir to her party-starting firstsingle "I Do," TOYA was always destined to be in the spotlight. Following years of hard work, her unrelenting pursuit of the dream paid off when she was picked up by Arista, after L.A. Reid heard only a couple of her songs.I was extremely nervous because Arista was where I wanted to belong," saysthe young singer/songwriter. "I had received other offers, but with thepeople at Arista I just felt right at home.Hailed by fellow St. Louis representative Nelly as "the first lady out theou," her debut album mixes elements of R&B, hip-hop and jazz into a newkind of infectious, dance-friendly groove. "My songs are very personal," says TOYA. "I just tell them about my situations and we sit down and write."As seen in the now-popular video for "I Do," she projects thesame image of confidence, sexuality and soul into her performance that originally led L.A.Reid to snatch her up so quickly. You can check for TOYA's exceptional self-titled debut album, out in stores now.