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Each month the Lithuanian Citizens' Society publishes a newsletter to update its members and other interested individuals on happenings within the Lithuanian community of Pittsburgh and other cultural and historical items of interest.

Address changes for the newsletter and suggestions for artices should be made using our feedback form.

You can read and print out a copy of the newsletter if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer by clicking on the desired issue below.  You can get a free copy of Acrobat Reader by clicking on the icon.

July - August 2009 Issue

May - June 2009 Issue

March - April 2009 Issue

January - February 2009 Issue

November - December 2008 Issue

September - October 2008 Issue

July - August 2008 Issue (file size is approximately 1.7 MB due to the Jonines photo section)

May - June 2008 Issue

March - April 2008 Issue (the newsletter is being published every other month this year)

January 2008 Issue (the file size is approximately 1 MB due to a special photo section this month)

December 2007 Issue

November 2007 Issue

October 2007 Issue

August - September 2007 Issue

July 2007 Issue

June 2007 Issue

May 2007 Issue

April 2007 Issue

March 2007 Issue

February 2007 Issue

January 2007 Issue (the file size is approximately 1.6 MB due to a special photo section this month)

December 2006 Issue

November 2006 Issue