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Lithuanian Marketplace

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Here are some hints to help you find Lithuanian products or products with a Lithuanian theme in the U.S.  We also include companies that offer services that may assist you in sending packages to relatives in Lithuania or paying a visit to the country.  We offer this service without specific recommendation for any one vendor.  While we have experience with some vendors, we can not guarantee satisfaction.  You are welcome to contact us through our feedback form if you wish to have your company listed or if you have questions about our personal experience with any vendor.  We do not receive any compensation for these listings


Lithuanian Costumes

Brochure 1

Brochure 2

Brochure 3

Jurga Medoniene
737 Shady Lane
Pittsburgh PA 15228

Lithuanian Beer


4 Flavors of Svyturys Beer are available at:

D's Six Pax & Dogz
1118 S. Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Washington, D.C.

Brickskeller (Utenos & Kalnapilis)
1523 22nd St (between P & Q)
2 blocks west of Dupont Metro stop

Trader Joe's (various locations that permit alcohol sales) - Gubernijia (Castle Ale)

Travel to Lithuania

Vytis Travel


Packages to Lithuania

The best location in Pittsburgh for shipping packages is:

Chesters Agency
1509 E. Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA
Limited Hours - Call Ahead

There are other companies that serve a number of cities, but not Pittsburgh.  The closest location is listed along with the phone number you can call for a pickup schedule.

Atlantic Express Corporation - Philadelphia (888-615-2148)

Lithuanian Relief Parcel, Inc. - Frackville, PA (617-269-4455)

Lithuanian Crafts, Music, Souvenirs

Rolanda's Art - Some interesting colorful and modern paintings by a young Lithuanian artist in Connecticut

Lithuanian Heritage


Baltic Art

Baltic Shop

What on Earth

Interactive Games for Learning Lithuanian

Click Here

Lithuanian Books

Never Say Never  

Romance "Never Say Never" is a romantic love story. It reminds a fairy tale, because the hero addresses her beloved as "princess". However, this princess has still to learn to love, has to learn to sacrifice, and to live not selfishly. Love changes Edith's character, a selfish princess turns into a loving and loved person. Those who are tired of brutal reality, lies, and deception will love romance "Never Say Never". Everyone who is in love and wants to experience love will love this book.   Available at

The book is written in English.

Lithuanian Bread

Racine Bakery - Chicago bakery with wide assortment of baked goods and a deli with Lithuanian sausage.

Renaissance Bread Co. - Brooklyn, NY bakery with many European breads.

Lithuanian Newspapers & Magazines

We encourage support and subscriptions to the following newspapers and magazines printed in the U.S.  The language of the publication is listed along with its yearly subscription price and frequency of publication.  We try to keep the prices up to date, but they may have changed!

AMERIKOS LIETUVIS - New Immigrant Lithuanian, weekly, $49
7349 W 55th PL
Summit, IL 60501

BRIDGES - English, monthly, $18
1927 W. Boulevard
Racine, WI 53403

DARBININKAS - Discontinued Publication (July 2006)

DIRVA - Lithuanian, biweekly, $35
P.O. Box 19191
Cleveland, OH 44119-0191

DRAUGAS - Lithuanian, daily, $100
4545 W. 63rd St.
Chicago, IL 60629

EGLUTE - Lithuanian, monthly, $15
13648 Kickapoo Trail
Lockport, IL 60441

LIETUVIU BALSAS - Lithuanian, weekly, $30
2624 W. 71st St.
Chicago, IL 60629

LITHUANIAN HERITAGE - English, bimonthly, $29.95/yr or $55/2 years (the best English language magazine)
Baltech Publishing
PO Box 225
Lemont, IL 60439-0225

LITUANUS - English, quarterly, $10
47 W Polk St., Suite 100-300
Chicago, IL 60605-2000

PASAULIO LIETUVIS - Lithuanian, monthly, $25
14911 127th St.
Lemont, IL 60439

PENSININKAS - Lithuanian, monthly, $15
2711 W. 71st St.
Chicago, IL 60629

VYTIS - English, bi-monthly, $20 (official magazine of the Knights of Lithuania)
PO Box 32020
Chicago, IL 60632-0020