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Lithuanian Language Classes

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Lithuanian Language Classes

Pittsburgo Lituanistine Mokykla - Pittsburgh Lithuanian School

A new Lithuanian school featuring language instruction, literature and cooking is beinging its 2nd year. Classes start September 8, 2012. More details are available by clicking here

Saturday Lithuanian Language Classes - Lithuanian Hall

Each Saturday except during the summer months and some holidays, Lithuanian language classes are held at the Lithuanian Citizens' Society Hall.  Classes for the Fall of 2012 begin September 15th. The classes have a long history and have functioned as a social outlet as well as a learning opportunity.  The classes begin at 10:00 a.m. every Saturday and last till about noon.  Students are divided according to language ability.  Beginners and new students are always welcome at any time.  Further information can be gained by using the feedback form or by calling Mildred Sukys at 412-341-7925.


Interactive Games for Learning Lithuanian may be found by clicking here