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Because in the past we have received many Lithuanian genealogy-related questions, the purpose of this page is to provide those interested in this area with useful sites and information.  We are not genealogy experts, nor do we have time to explore such research.  However we think genealogy is important and encourage you to take the time and make a concerted effort to determine your roots.  Having said that, you may find the following useful:

"Lithuanian Genealogy Resources for Western Pennsylvania" - A compilation fo useful information by Robert Medonis Jr.

A copy of the guide "Lithuanian-American Genealogy and Family History" prepared by our resident expert, the late Frank Ziaukas.  Frank has compiled a rather thorough guide of how to search for you Lithuanian roots using resources at home and abroad.  Examples are provided illustrating how Frank searched for some of his own relatives and what he found.   This is from Frank's popular presentation that he done for our members in the past.  The document is in Microsoft Word format.

Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society - One of the best sites for those interested in their Lithuanian roots.

Ramunas' Web Site - A place where people can search for relatives in Lithuania

Ancestors - A site maintained by Brigham Young University.  There is extensive information on how to research your roots.  This is a companion site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series.

Lithuanian American Genealogy Society - A site maintained by the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago.  The site has not been updated recently, but the museum has extensive collections and a genealogy department that may be able to assist you in your research.

Family Search - A site maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  They have over 600 million family names in their database that were extracted from vital records from throughout the world.

Genealogy Resources in Allegheny County - How to find birth certificates and naturalization information if your relatives were born in the Pittsburgh area or became citizens here.

The Pennsylvania Department Genealogy - Genealogy help site at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

How to Find Relatives in Lithuania - A site with another comprehensive list of genealogical research information including addresses of institutions in Lithuania that may be able to help you.

Frank ZiaukasMany thanks to our local expert, the late Frank Ziaukas for providing much of the above information.  Frank had presented lectures to our members on how to research their Lithuanian family history. We were all saddened by Frank's passing in November of 2010.

Here we see Frank giving one of his genealogy lectures.