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Lithuanian Club Bingo

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Our last bingo was July 1st. Proceeds from the bingo had been used to support the Society's mission of providing assistance to charitable Lithuanian-based organizations in the U.S. and Lithuania as well as non-Lithuanian charities that benefit the social welfare of members of our local community.  As is the case with many other bingos in the State of Pennsylvania, our bingo suffered the consequences of an economic downturn plus unfair competition created by the State's favoring of casino operators. Since the governor has created a gaming industry to feed a bloated legislatue and his never-ending need for more money (under the guise of property tax relief), he has also felt the need to create an uneven playing field by exempting casinos from the State's smoking ban. Therefore many charitable organizations and volunteer fire departments are suffering.

We thank all our loyal customers and workers who over the years made our bingo very successful.