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Some general information on the Landes Background in Switzerland.

The Landes'es originated in Kanton Zurich, in Switzerland. Swiss records state that the name probably had
it's origin in Menzinger near Lake Zurich about 1392, these records also state that this family name
identifies " an old family of the parish Hirzel in 1485. About 1640, a number of these Landes families moved
to Palatinate along the Rhine River in Germany, and others in places in France.

Landes Immigrants:

Among the early Landes immigrants where Jacob Landes and his son Benjamin who settled in Lancaster County,
Pennsylvania about 1717; Felix who settled there about the same time; John Landes who settled in Plumstead
Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, also about 1717; Rudolph and Abraham, who were probably brothers,
settled in Plumstead Township too.Jacob Landes settled in Franconia Township, Montgomery County,
Pennsylvania about 1727 and another Jacob Landes who settled about the same time in Salford Township.

The genealogy research I am interested in is on Jacob Landes who settled in Salford Township, Pennsylvania..

Jacob emigrated to America before 1727, he settled on a tract of one hundred and fifty acres in Salford
Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County, Pennsylvania, he was in possession of htis tract before
1734, as in that year he paid quit-rent on the same, he was granted a patent for his tract on March 18, 1740.
This tract of land was in the Landes family for five generations.Jacob was naturalized in 1741, died in 1777
and is buried in Delp's Cemetery, Franconia Township, Pennsylvania.

INDEX of names in the Landes family line:

Adelman, Alderfer, Allebach, Althouse, Anderson, Anson, Auchy,
Barnes, Bartholomew, Baum, Bechtel, Beitler, Benner, Bergey, Bigler, Binder, Bissey, Boyer, Brightbill, Brunner,
Buckwalter, Bulow,
Cassel, Clemens, Clemmer, Clugston, Clymer, Consaley, Conver, Cope, Crawford, Cressman, Curry,
DeCarme, Decker, Delp, Derstine, Detwiler, Dewey, Diefenderfer, Dorn, Drissel, Duddy, Dwyer,
Ehst, Erb, Evans,
Fellman, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fly, Force, Forker, Fox, Frantz, Frederick, Freed, Fretz, Frick, Fritz,
Gehman, Geissinger, Gerhart, Godshalk, Godshall, Goetter, Greaser, Gular,
Haas, Hackman, Hagey, Hallman, Hallmeyer, Halteman, Hammerschmidt, Haney, Harbaugh, Harley, Hartman,
Hartranft, Hartzell, Hause, Heckler, Hedrick, Heebner, Heffentrager, Hendricks, Hoese, Halden, Hunsberger,
Hunsicker, Hyshore, Hyziak,
Jacobs, Jamison, Johnson,
Keller, Kelly, Kepler, Keyser, Kindig, King, Kirkpatrick, Knipe, Kraft, Kratz, Kreible, Krupp, Kulp,
Landes, Landis, Lapp, Latshaw, Leacock, Leatherman, Lengel, Lewis, Loeffler, Longacre, Loux, Lukens,
Macknet, Markley, Mathias, McWold, Meltzer, Mensch, Metz, Miller, Mininger, Minshall, Moore, Morris,
Moyer, Musselman,
Nace, Nice, Nicholas, Nyce,
Ott, Overdorf,
Pier, Pool, Potts, Price,
Rappold, Rea, Reiff, Reinbrecht, Renninger, Richard, Rittenhouse, Rooke, Rosenberger, Rosenberry,
Roth, Royer, Rudle, Ruth,
Saxe, Schatz, Scholl, Schroy, Schuler, Schultz, Shanner, Shannon, Shellington, Shenkle, Shoemaker,
Shugard, Smith, Souder, Spare, Speaker, Stauffer, Steinbright, Stephens, Stillwater, Stubblebein,
Styer, Summers, Swartley,
Thompson, Trendler, Umstead, Van Fassen, Vinnage, Wack, Walker, Walters, Warg, Warner, Weber,
Weirbock, Wenger, Wenhold,
White, Wile, Wimmer, Wireman, Woodward, Wurster, Yeger, Yost, Young and Zeigler.



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