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Hello to you all, Just so you know this page is under major construction. Thankyou

Welcome to my humble home. My name is Grendel, some of you might know me as Lee. I invite you to come in and see what I have to offer. There are many rooms here to see, and I encouage you look through them in hopes you will find something you like. Please stay and enjoy what there is to see, Thankyou...

These are just some of the people that come to visit, Please get to know them...

And here we have the Den. Come in and sit to relax. Now over on the left is the Kitchen.If your hungry and need some good ideas, then don't be shy cause we got lots cookin'. Hmm im forgeting something..Oh yeah, and on the right, up here we have Hortons.

If you wish to offer artwork and poems, or would like a Room just send me your work and I will do my best to put it up ASAP, Thankyou...:

Let me hear your thoughts... Guestbook by GuestWorld See others thoughts...

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