i like this vampire movie just because this guy gets punched and the vamps hand goes through him, he brings it up and splits the dum dum in TWO PARTS!!

the acting is so bad. i mean, i could train chimps and dress them up in silly goth costumes, same movie. i loves me some john carpenter, but he has to pull a christine and ditch those actors. The graphics, unbelivable. turn the set down and watch the movie, it's alll riiieete.

my hands hurt from typing. i don't feel like getting in depth into the story. lots of vampire killing, not the head vampire though, so he kills them and turns those vampire hunters into vampires. and their crazy sluts, too! anyway,the one vamp killer guy kills the whole lot of em. he takes one of his slut vamp friends as a key to the master vamp... she saw through his eyes, ooh. his friend gets bit by the girl and makes a horribly acted ruckus about it. he beats her up, boo hiss, then him and his brodie hunt down the head vamp with that guys new priest friend. you can find out the rest. it's nice looking, not really greatly acted. i give it a 7.5.

i liked that other vampire movie better, from dusk till dawn. it's by quentin terintino or whatever, oh man. you'd love it! and you'd like blade too. it's shayer brand movie. class a.