Come wid me if you wand do leev

I sometimes think that all i can say are quotes from terminator 2. It's such a funny movie if you rule out the end of the world and that mall scene (no, leave it in, it's funny!). I love the way Arnold is. He's so great. I'm a sucka for that slow, sexy euro-retard accent.

Back to t2 (can you believe that shortening!) there's this robot who comes from the future to save his future boss or whatever who's now just a kid cos well, in robot time, it's the past. His mom already knows that there's this big ass armagedon thing going down, but suckas lock her in a mental hospital, so she goes on rambling. Another evil robot, a better model than arnold, comes to the past to kill "the -future-man". The evil better robot tries to kill the kid, the good arnie robot saves the kids ass a few hundred times, and somewhere along the way the kid finds out the good arnie robot will do anything he says cos he's technically the boss even though he's not the boss YET. cos it's the past in robot time! The kid takes arnie good robot and breaks his mum out of the ward. They go around and do stuff. There's this shot in the face scene where you just know the bad robot is the better model. Your thinking "Arnie is so screwed!". He is. But the evil better model gets his first. The End.

Oh man, arnie has the best accent.

i'll be bach