blind girls run free

i like movies that cost money AND have deep deep meaning. stupid people say the cell yehclap is all eye candy. thats cos they havent polished up on their art history or heir biblical myths. dumdums! anyway i saw a movie on wb 17 that was all true and even brought me, the hardened criminal, to tears,

i liked it at first cos i flipped it on to see a undecked farm girl being beaten (like a toddler on the street) and i told her to run away and join the circus. oh jebus. and she did. she learend how to dive off large things with a horse and one thing led to another, she was in atlantic city where she reached all her goals blahh blah lah.

so this is what really made me bawl right... she dives with her eyes opened in atlantic city and detches her retna and goes blind a little later. isnt' that bad! and it's true! its like chris reeves falling over in physical therapy! (that makes him no ordinary plane but a twa!) yeah and she's blind and all things point to suicide and then her boyfriend pops the question.

see, all womens problems are solved through the love of a man. now you know the only reason he married her is cos he knew he could drink all the seawater he wants and be like 4 tons and she wont give a flying kangaroo rat poop flake. if you reeaddd between the lines you realize this is a story of female empowerment through learning from suckas. poor poor suckas. but suckas all the like. but no beef is set on blindy because she did listen to me in the beginning and went to the circus.

thanks be to me for making this all possible. i am the childrens television workshop to all trailer trash hos everywhere. throw roses at me.

dont... no...close your... to late