Who is this mad woman with this strange thing?

I'm glad you asked.

clap for me, you little lambs, cos i have graduated with honors. what? i didn't? you are so confused.

this is enough for a year and a half of days of our lifes plot lines: i could not go to my graduation ceremony. poor chrissy was sick as the devil. lying in bed at the hospital while everyone walked down the aisle was not cool. but, alas, i was so sick i barley remember anything. this makes evrything right. sure, i threw away a huned buck monies for NUTHIN, but it's okay cos i never have to see those people again. and who wants to walk slow as a dead mule down some skinnier-than-gisele catwalk, worrying bout some trippin while a tassle flies into your cornea? and all this- on tape? chrissy don't play that.

memories that last a lifetime..... laying in bed with tubes sticking in here to yonder, while all those suckas worried about walking. boom shakalakala freeze!

nina- could not make it to party, i feel so bad but i lost your number and e-mail. i have your sn, never there tho. so hopefully someone will see this and tell you i'm soooooo sorry. sha starr- i ain't stealin no lines from you anymore for fear of castration, so don't worry. buttah- don't even read this shit, your eyes don't deserve it, you filthy mcnasty, john d-eg-oe, rupaul lookin son of a bitch. the gas is on the right. eat shit. and to all my hot cats at moore- i don't knows yas, but i love yas!

peace and kisses of chocolate *cj*

OOOkaay, i'm going over here now...