cats and children... evil things when mislead

One of my cats, tiger (that's his real name, i hope he doesn't sue me) is on my sisters side. H'es an evil cat being fed and brainwashed by the evil one, Kelly. Would a friendly nice sweet thing scratch and your 10 page double spaced book reprt on "One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest"? No no NO! The other cat is totally on my side. I can do my indian dances right in front of him and he won't put his paw over his face. Did you hear that TIGER! Oh, Pet Cemetary...

This is a story about a very very very fine house with a cat in the yard. This cat dies, they bury him, he comes back all dirty and evil and mislead by satan or some evily thing. Not my sister, this came out when she was a teenager with problems so ha. Anyway in a scene i can relate to, a kid runs out in the street like "la la la la la, i'm getting my kite back", and gets run over by a truck. The dad realises that the cat came back from the dead like when he buried it and stuff, so he take his stiff little idiot child and buries him in the same spot. The idiot doesn't see the strange formation of rocks or thinks about how evil his cat was when he came back dirty and mislead. Like father like son, i see.

The son DOES come back and kills everyone. It's a pretty good movie. No explosions, but a big fire and flaming people!

I just spoiled the movie for those who never saw it. But see it anyway cos there's a lot of fillers. It is like 2 hours, you know.

I checked my cat for dirt but he scratched me. He is evil! Zombie cats, sheesh. I'm never having kids.