i try to pick regular folk that you all can relate to for me most best person pageee. screw you all! christopher walken owns every one of us. he's like 87 years old had sharpened teeth and even sat in a suana with some froed out hair at one time and yet still he is beautiful and radiant through everything he transpires. (i am don king) because of his beautifishity and his radioloshinagy ... i think he's alien. everything he does he's an evil sob. but good evil. the kind you secretly cheer for. he could just be an extra in a movie pouring tea with a little aron on and automatically it's the best movie of the year.

so heres my plan. i become a film maker, which is already going down. in my mind. mmm? anyway, i get him to play oh lets say satan. then i screw him. i mean not screw him over. the other way. otherrr waayeee hee hee haww uhaw! listen to that manical laughter. and if he refuses i'll just write it into the script. never mind i'm the director. i'll write the damn script too. and i'll make costumes. he'll wear a speedo with a big monkey head on the crotch. but not for longahaw wah wahhhh ha! wheres maw ritlin!

and he will do as i say after we film because the film will make lots of money and i will pay in annuity... for a fee. a pleasuable fee. but by the time this all really goes down not even heavy pancake latex makeup will be able to hide poor chris' wrinkles. me rikey!

so chris, lovey, if you read this lets make it easier for the both of us and screw before its too late.

(closeup)(booming crescendo) da da da da dummmmm the end.

bahhhaaa wahh hee hawack