i always wanted to write about this guy. yeah sure shayna thinks he's a cracker and yeah sure he bleached his hair a la backstreet boy and yeah sure he likes punk music like dick. i liked this guy since freshman year. i just found out his name a few weeks ago, mind you this is 3 years later. tim, hhhaaaa heee hee.

every time i try to say some unreal things to him my voice goes like helium. if he ever asks why i start convulsing around him i hope he doesn't know i don't drink coffee. he is very lovely and short. i think he looks like thom yorke circa 93 in all his glory. the guy is stunningly gorgeous, usually i'm no sucka to some good looking cracker.

he's so disinterested in me it's funny but still i persist. this guy wants like nothing to do with me whatsoever. i asked him to please sign my chococat book and he gave me this "git the fook away with yo petty sheet" look. but while i walked away shayna said he looked at my ass. see all day i had been making fun of my saggy ass jeans that i uh forgot to wash yesterday and in a early morning rush put on. nice luck! i walked away with initials, at least, in the "your face" part of the book. tm. two letters that are in like the lower class part of the alphabet.

then the train come and his hair did a nice little blowing up thing. he's radiating with oh my god yumminess. the funny thing is every time i see him the dick is their, he's my exboyfriend in the sitcom relationship (creepy like jack from 3's comp, fucked up like any one of them villains from a team) so i figured for once this sucka gives me luck. now i don't know anything about mr yummy tim but i figure something that delicous can't be a loser OR a drop out. even if he is HE still has his looks. i feel so harsh right now i laugh ha ha. will not talk about him anymore. mmm no.

i know nothing will ever happen between me and tim. i got sick of waiting for three years for mr yummy tim to come grovel at my feet. in the words of mighty mos def "ain't no time to hesitate at the gate, do it now!" If mr yummy tim (what a annoying name) reads this by any chance, just know that i used to call you bleachy cos of that bleached hair, then everyone started doing it and i had to find a new name. you think i would call you backstreet boy and still be interested? i was sick of making shit up. nothing beats the real thing. i won't beg you to like me. i'll just pine constantly until you write a zine about your crazy stalker. just kidding, mmm.