dental, ortho... it's all oral

I loves me some dentists. I dunno what it is that makes dentists so wonderful. I even find super perfect teeth scary but oh do i love dentists. Maybe it's the glisten of their perfect white scary teeth, or the way their hair has this "cant comb now gotta fix teeth" look. And those yummy dental students, the idea that i might have them in the future. Sends shivers down my spine.

Their is one dentist, this is his real name- dr. fritz. My own mother said that the guy is one hot fother mucker. Well, i'm inserting the words, but i know she was thinking that. One day i hope he'll watch the hard copy with the "evil" dentist who put ladies under and didn't just stick things in their mouths. Well, maybe, that's a whole other story.

Going to the dentist for me is like better than going to a singles bar or calling up a luv line, cos you know the losers who use those things are, um, losers. These are well established dentists. Lots of cash. And if you happen to get frisky while in that singles bar, he has an extra canine ready to go.

Their are evil on-their-own dentists with this whole deal going on in their homes. These people are usually dirty and not-shaven cos they don't have to travel to and fro work everyday and check out their employees. If a real dentist came to a real dentists office with a beard and arm pit sweat crusting beneath their arms their would be gossip among the fashionalbe dental crowds.

i don't even open that wide at the dentist(mscl)