Rick Steves

Cool Travel Guy

Rick Steves is the rad guy on PBS who travels around the world. He's written like 10 books and has his own tv show "Travels in Europe with Rick Steve". He taught me a few things about traveling in style.

He's a very stylish tourist looking man. At first i was thinking "maybe it's a baaad idea to hike around France while wearing small shorts." Rick totally proved me wrong. The trick to being stylish while traveling is to look resourceful. Wear shorts that people of your gender do not wear. If you don't look like a tourist, people will talk to you in a language that you don't understand. If you saw a hairy legged men in daisy dukes walking around, you would steer clear. The man must be from some foreign country. If you tried to talk to him, he would spit at you.

Rick really does want attention sometimes without having someone talk to him. That is why he's taken on a look of an intimidating celebrity. He looks like Bill Gates. (Bill Gates is a celebrity!) Don't try to look like a beautiful moviestar, think "i'm rich, i'm old, i have no sense of humour." Politicians are a great option!

His show is fine rad. You can travel around Europe with a buddy without leaving your home. Sometimes he gets anal and starts bitching about prices blah blah blah. In that case, you can turn the channel. He knows all this stuff about traveling! it's scary! His guests aren't always as rad as him. The nun, oh no, i didn't watch that episode. But his other guests are great. He had me wondering about one scantily dressed french chick who tagged along with him. Ooh, a traveling soap opera. He brought his wife, Ann, on one day to talk about traveling with kids from the pits of hell. All hope of a travelin Rick and mistress show bombed.

All is well and good with Rick unless he wears a money belt. I could see the sense in the shorts. Even the Bill Gates look. But a money belt? hmmm.

Maybe he'll bring LeVar along one day. He'll let LeVar borrow his shorts.

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