gary zukahv is on oprah and he helped me stop hatin. he is truly hip hop. the man, as i call him, is so nice and so new age-y. he is kinda little bit stiff, but so is al gore. tm taught me about the earth school and all the classes i'm in. now that i know bout dis, i've signed myself up for such classes as mafioso 101, advanced screwin, and the art of kickin ass with your lethal elbow. the man has brought me much happiness. for this i shed for him tears of soy, the healthiest food ever and the only thing thats fuelin me at the moment. I love you GARY. when i earn money bein a don, i'll owe it all to you. and the first don bitch at that!

so let me take this quiet time to reflect on people of the past... the famous cats, like travelin rick and readin levar, actin chris. i'll never forget the time levar made a book from scratch. my dentist dr fritz. oh, how badly did i wanted to pound his balls. those crushes on the blond kid who prolly died from od. come on, skinny like that skinnys not natur-el. and the kids i never talked to but still wanted to mack, like the one who licked ice cream off his arm, or the enigma steve, that hot sexy mofo. and most of all, the man of the hour... i ain't tellin YOU! minya buisness! anyway, this kid is like real real sweet so i think i'll be the one showin him how to work the bases. by the time i'm done with him. mmm. ever see the levis commercial, the artist who rolls around in the paint with those kh@ld!sg#d's! that's me and my man(s).

go to da back... i mean..