butterfly in the sky, i can go twice as high

LeVar (ooh, frenchy) Burton

He was that cool guy on reading rainbow. I actually did a little research cos of my lack of life and found out, no, he's not french! He was born in Landsthul, Germany! I thought that was classy. Back in the 80s he made reading rainbow, which is why i dig him so much. When he was doing RR he was 30ish. Now he's 42 and 4 months. Not only was he the host but he also was the co-executive-producer. With a title that long it has to be good. The show started in 83 and has been on ever since in rerun form. They won't dare take it off. If they do, i'll run them down with my car.

Why, do you ask, is this woman going ape feces over Levar Burton? cos he's so rad! Look, really, he did this one show where he rollerskated in the park. Then read a book about it! He went behind the scenes at the macy's parade... you know, with the moving turkey (ahh! how terrifying!). Then read a book about it! He read a book with kermit about pigs. Miss piggy came out and beat the crap out of him! Levar taught me how to make a book with cardboard, glue, and lots of paper! Then he READ HIS OWN BOOK! That was the best one, oh yeah. I made so many books when i was a kid. I would just make the books and not write anything in them cos of there startling beauty.

Besides reading rainbow, Levar has something for everyone! oh you psycho trekkies must know he played the blind Lieutenant Geordi LaForge guy....the one with the silver spaceage "visors", ah ha! You know that epic adventure, Roots? wow, what a great movie. You know he was Kunta Kinte, right! Did you notice that whenever i speak of him i add and exclamation to the sentence! cos he's rad beyond belief! go Levar!

Reading Rainbow is a pbs thing. No cable needed. You can be a poor ghetto child and still have the delight of reading rainbow. So take a look, and read a book, on reading rainbow.

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