last month i was rapping about bleachy tim paul stupid, whatever i call him, so this month continuing my rapping, i must tell you about STEVE.

gather round children. last summer in art class i undressed this guy with my own dirty pair of eyeballs everyday. so much so that steves hot ol nekkid ass is burned into my retnas. but i'm not complaining. steve had marvelous red hair and wore these blaxplotation film-like shirts. and he would wear real sweet wrap around sun glasses. i bet you thought they were out o style! noooahhh ahh!

chicks were bouncing on hot ol steve (burman!) but oh he gaves me some looks that just ignited my, oh, whats it called... libido? testosterone? yes they are all wrong, anyway lets just say i was IN HEAT.

instead of humping his leg i followed cosmos advic yet again, then bam another one passes by. burn those wretched things when you get the chance. if it werent for cosmo i'd be comparing the closet to a gravitron. but i'm not. what's this called.... unrequitted love or something. that sounds so crackery.

maybe one day i'll see him again then i'll say.... i won't say nothing. actions speaks louder than words.