lets all break, then eat popcorn

Cardboard. To the average joe schtick it's a packaging tool, but to cool funky joe funkies like ME it's a way of life. Throw down some cardboard in front of me and i will go wild and crazy in a split second. Sometimes it makes me hyprevenilate, that big slab of cardboard, wanting to show it's cardboardy goodness some real skill. De skill o breakdancing.

I started last week! I am bruised and have rugburn on my back (from getting a little too wild) and i felt bones dislocate (i funked them back into their sockets) but oh my god i have not lived until i started breakdancing. My first move ever was a backspin. I scared myself. All this spinning and no way to stop. Well i didn't want to stop. Then i started doing micheal jackson like moonwalks, including the in place moonwalk shayner tought me.

That's all i can do. But with those few moves cardboard makes me a very giddy girl. So when i perfect my flare, i will be having convulsions over cardboard. It's something i look foward to.

I can't watch other people perform... you know crazy legs? Damnit. It makes me feel so low. I get pictures of them performing and open them in my Jasc animation shop. They are actually very funny looking when stopped. And it makes me feel better. Makes me feel like breakin out the cardboard.

break out