KKK! it really does work, promise

Just keep reading cos i do not have an obsession with the KKK.... i have an obsession with KKKs! Koalas, Kangaroos, and advarKs. Nifty title? say aiii!

Koalas are so cute they stress me out. I have a cute little koala shaped ulcer in my stomach. Such cute things belong in australia and hang on trees. These photogetic little things always swing to the side and nibble on leaves when taking pictures. When they get mad they turn red and spit venom.

Kangaroos are so cute, but not really good as a getaway vehicle. A la simpsons, they jump in their pouches and jump out, covered with green film. A ha suckas! Don't mess with a kangaroos pouch. They keep their children in their and raise they're first born sons to lunge at peoples throats! Like Monkies, but cuter and covered with slime for that eviiiil look.

ardvarKs. All hard shelled and mysterious. Sigh. Yeah they look tiny but they have the impact of a car... oh i can tell you about the impact of cars.

What do these aminals have in common? Not only K's, not only a nifty title when put together, not only killer moves that no one lives to talk about, but they all live in australia! Uh huh! If i had a machine that genetically mutates all these aminals into a super cute animal, that would be it. I could rule the world.

And the press would say: Evil Christine takes over the planet on her photgenic, lunging, mysterious, red glowing, venom spitting, Koangrk!

okay, bye