Words cannot express my love for acme. It seems acme is a regional thing cos when i went to North Carolina, they lacked acme and had food lion (what?). For those not in the know, Acme is a supermarket. A great supermarket. I was trying to be thrifty and i went to save-a-lot. But try getting good veg food at save-a-lot. It's terrible.

Sunday, i woke up early enough to catch my dad walking through the door. I said "Hey Jollyman man, where is you goin?" and he said "to the (brace your self) acme". I felt my eyes twinkle. I have fond memories of going to the acme in the ghetto when i was a kid. (I would steal the loose cookies) I ran out the door in my pajamas with my dad as we skipped all the way up to this large shopping center. All the other stores there are crap, and it was hot. I wasn't really feeling it at that time. I started thinking this trip was a mistake.

OOH, but then i walked inside! the first thing i saw was fruits and vegetables as far as i could see. I walked up the produce aisle. Something caught my eye. It was organic veggie slices (aka fake cheese, no milk). I got one in every flavour. I walked even farther. These things, round yellow tumorous melon things, were near the cantaloupes. EW!! How hideous! I had to try it!

Walking around the acme, i noticed how neat it was. Unlike save-a-lot with it's small aisles and cheap food. The acme brand fruit roll ups are sooo much better than save-a-lots.

Nothing in the supermarket compares to the frozen food aisles. That's right, aisles, it's plural. It was the kind of set-up i had dreamed of. Large freezers symmetrically lined up in perfectly parrellel lines. There was a song going through my head, the "do do do do do do" song that homer hears when he dreamt about going into a world made of chocolate. They had the classiest veg food. Veggie burgers i had never even thought of. Tofutti. Morningstar farms everything. By the time i was done shopping, the wheel on the cart was ready to give out cos of the weight.

All this and more for only $45. Slap mah fro!

I bet Conan shops at acme, too.

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