cats always ask ms jones "you always talk about your ass, real sly tho, not too blatant, wassup wit that anyway?". have you seen my ass? it may be the winter, and i know i prolly let myself go. (and will continue to until march, cos i'm to lazy to shave just for screwin!) my ass is always in a great state. i remember this one time i was doin my yoga while the kids were playing behindst me and as soon as i bent over doing the frog pose, man. all you seen was this ball rolling across their court like tumbleweed. my ass entrances. my ass causes accidents. but i will never wear short skirts cos i don't want to hurt anyone with the shocking raidioulus light of my booty. besides, my ass has a mind of its own and i dont think it could handle all that easy access.

youre like "puh-leeze", i know. i do live in the fattest city on the earth. asses like mine are rare. everyone will have a nice ass at one point in their life. and at that time they should shake it and write about it and just love it to death cos at the other point, way at the other end, your ass and mine alike will become fat and unstable. so before you dis my assy goodness just know that you will to be like me. and i will be like you.