i'm still awake

After learning that Procter and gamble tests on animals (info?) i read a list that had the names of all the products p&g makes. Among cheerios and sunny d, i found out nyquil was an evil thing. Shocked, horrified and disgraced... i worked those mice, i bought hundreds of bottles... i came to terms with my nyquil addiction. I am proud to say that i've been clean 4 months with no relapse. I was used to going to sleep at 8pm during my nyquil phase. A month later i was staying up long enough to watch the hit sitcom "futurama" and "king o de hill".

Skip to summer vacation. I found out that i was a natural night owl! With my new found enlightenment i stayed up long enough to watch CONAN O'BRIEN! It happened one night when i was trying to stay up long enough to see soul train. I was flipping through channels and oh hark, there's conan and the fat guy eveyone ignores. Jackie Chan was on that night. Him and Conan were doing a sketch where he did a little action scene then conan had to do it. Jackie jumped over a desk into a chair with such aerodynamics. uh, such a slick man he is. I was instantly hooked.

The next monday, screw soul train, i was up for conan! I've only seen reruns so far, so i'm psyched about new episodes. ahhhh! I even have dreams of watching conan. Like he'll have RADIOHEAD on... it seems perfectly normal until thom comes thru the tv and, um.... yeah. It could happen. When i was a kid i swore bert was trying to come through the tv to get me.

The best Conan is the one with David Arquette and Jerry O'connel, kangaroo boy. David is even more aerodynamic than Jackie Chan. I suspected that he was a little drunk that night until he launched himself over a chair and back again to his seat. Amazing! (this was pre-marrying courtney anorexicox. i dunno if he can still do it) Kangaroo boy came out and um, well, david was still out there so it wasn't that bad.

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