the magazine

I just threw out all my cheesy glossy magazines.

I am addicted to glossy magazines. Every month around the 15th i get a sudden urge to read (um, look at) seventeen. This all started around age 11. I bought teen magazine. They had twins on the cover who won the "model search". I found out that they posed in playboy last year. Whoa, Teen can pick some great talent! A few months after the evil obsession began I got the very last issue of the original sassy, sniff sniff. When i looked for the next issue it wasn't there. I read the last sassy over and over until the pages started falling apart. No other magazine could beat sassy, rah rah rah.

You all want to pat me in the back for finally realizing that they're written by rich snobby yuppie woman in stilletos. Um. I've actually found another glossy magazine that put cosmo to shame. Nylon!

Due to my self diagnosed add..or adhd...or ahdd AHHH! I can't read anything more than a paragraph long unless it comes from Nylon has lots of pretty pictures. Page 50 in the sept/oct issue. Eyecandy! Don't you love it!

They still have the anorexic models. With illustrations and photos like this, I look right past them. Not like that wasn't already happening.

Hey Tuan, they have an article about Las Vegas!