on channel 4ty 8 on saturdays, there's a show called namaste america. every week this show airs these wild whatchu call it, um, punjabi music videos. the only thing is these are the actual movies. india makes like 5 bill a year on these movies but everyone in their countries like dying and polio ridden. i still watch these movies cos they are so very funny.

its like this-- a boy is on a journey, a girl is sad cos her parents are too overbearing, so boy meets girl and they dance... a)in a field b)in the city streets, mo-peds and all buzzin round them c)in a whacked out punjabi version of a ruin... and.... d)on top of a train, still moving. they get seperated... and how is always different in every movie, cos if not, cats would note the pattern.... the guy gets dirt on his face and a sword, and dirt guy brawls with girls dad. dad is dead. girl is sad. dirt sings girl song to remind her how fucked up her pops was. girl is happy. sings in a mutant voice.

how they can stretch it out for like 5 hours at a time is a magic that only punjabis and their camels will understand. still, its all like tala matrix, and when i block out the voice it can actually get funky to it. who complains about that? who! thats right. because all the yoga has given me an ass of dyno mite. and where did the yoga come from? i.... don't.... know. since madonna was all over india i'm guessing that. oommm?

open your chakra