i dunno much about rap music. i listen to lovely techno so rap is a good transition for me. besides the obvious old skool rap, i can do a six step! it comes with the territory. none of my rap lovin friends suggested mos def to me. i found out for myself. i heard umi says on urban expressions (you know, after tune-z heee haa ha) that song makes me like to swirl my head around from side to side. i got money so i bought the cd cos i'm terrible with money and it was the first thing that popped in my mind. instead of the single, they don't have one, i had to get the cd to hear the song. things like music get warped in my mind. i expected ray-gay spell it like you say it. i was suprised to hear rap. reaalllly original rap, reaaallly meaningful rap, and the only song about booty is "ms. fat booty", but it's not about like screwing and leaving it's mmm good. the beats are amazing! and they actually fit the song. you know they make booty songs with orchestra beats. does it work? uh uh. new world water has this nice electronic trickling sounding sample among the other beats. speed law has this beat, it will just, your thoughts will feel like they are travelling with the beat. i don't know how this guy does it. plus if you listen to what he's saying you might learn a few things. this cd really changed my life. this is music on a whole other level, it's amazing. it's so perfect cos i started feeling trapped in the same old same old. then this. it's like nothing i heard before.

his name is intersting cos i asked for "mahs deaf" at the wrecka stow. then i heard him say "mohs deaf" and felt like an ass. take "most" minus "t", add "definitely" minus all them letters. it makes sense.

no, i didn't steal this cd.

don't get mad